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Current Sermon Series
Transfer: Finding God During Transition
Life is full of change and transitions. Sometimes, transition can be painful. It can be hard to be hopeful in the midst of a transition – especially when the destination is unclear.
Oftentimes, transition exposes cracks in our faith – those places where we’re not fully trusting God. It can be hard to trust when God’s promises take longer than we want to come about. Transition messes with our expectations and can ruin our contentment. Yet, what transition teaches, us is to rely on God in the midst of change. 
Join Pastor Courtney Clayton Jenkins as she will equip us on how to get through those seasons of transition, with a faith that is strengthened as opposed to a faith that is falling apart.


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South Euclid United Church of Christ, led by Senior Pastor and Teacher, the Rev. Courtney Clayton Jenkins, has a mission to transform the lost into the found, and the found into followers of Jesus Christ who gather, grow, give, and go.